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Firm Profile

Patrick Buscovich established Patrick Buscovich Structural Engineer (PBSE) in San Francisco in 1990. Patrick Buscovich is a well-known structural engineer and is considered an expert on the San Francisco Building Codes (SFBC). In 1999, with the addition of two new partners, the firm incorporated and changed its name to Patrick Buscovich & Associates, Structural Engineers, Inc. (PBA). The focus of this firm is to provide clients with high quality and efficient designs on time. The firm has been able to meet this objective by limiting the growth to a eight-person firm. All engineering and design work is done by partner level engineers and drafters.

PBA also stresses the team approach to its project. Using extensive experience with the San Francisco Building Department and it’s unique Building Code, the firm is able to foresee issues and help address them before they affect the project. This ability is due to extensive interaction with the San Francisco Building Department and the fact that almost 90% of this firm’s projects are located in San Francisco. Because of this specialization, PBA is uniquely qualified to work in San Francisco. In addition, because the firm acts as the lead consultant on 90% of its work, it has dealt with all aspects of the San Francisco permit process including pre-application meetings, permit process, expedited permits, Fire Department plan check, Planning Department approvals, Disability Access Commission, Board of Examiners, Structural Advisory Committee, etc.

During construction, PBA believes in active construction administration, working with architects, contractors and owners. Construction administration between the consultants and contractors is responded to on a fast track basis by PBA. This fast track approach delivers a project on time to the client by resolving issues before they can affect the schedule and project.

PBA’s engineers and drafters use cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art computers and software to produce high quality products for its clients and optimize their efficiency. Engineering software for structural engineering projects includes RISA 2D, RISA 3D, ST-RISK and APA EWS WoodCad. For CAD, we use AutoCAD 2000i to allow drafters to minimize the efforts to produce drawings. The company also utilizes a variety of graphic and word processing software including Adobe and Microsoft products and etc.